About Marmatia

Hi There, I would like to introduce myself. I have owned Ridgies for over 30 years now. Previous to them I owned a German Sheppard dog, who came from Hugh Smith in Victoria. (Pal Representitive for many years). He was a lovely dog, but as I was a new showie and no one spoke to me at shows I decided after a year of loosing every class I went into, to give up. He lived with us until he passed away at 11 years of age.

So then I decided to give showing another go. Looking at all the breeds available, I chose a Ridgeback, because I am an active person and wanted a larger dog, with no long coat or surgical removals. That is no cropped ears or docked tails. An athletic dog with elegance, to at least stand up to a miniture poodle, who had attacked me and my shepherd, (who bravely stood back watching.)

Anyway I started with a male ridgeback dog, who I titled and he did his fair bit of winning, but he decided he didn’t like the show scene, and became too much for me to handle. I got his half sister on breeders terms, and she went on to do so much for me and as an ambassador of the breed. She has become a well known personality in Queensland, not just showing (ie 1st Grand Champion bitch in Qld), but also promoting the breed at many outings.

My prefix came from a picture my husband’s father had of an old building in Hungary (where Fejer originated). It was titled Hotel Tourista Marmatia. So I used this as a prefix for his origins. Yes I know I should have gone with a Hungarian Vizla, but docking of tails was something I just personally disliked then. (Now I’m not sure that it is that bad, after being wacked by ridgie tails).

I show my dogs and have titled two bitches to their Grand Champion titles,(One is Nala, who I didn’t breed) and her daughter Mika,and another boy has also gained his Grand Champion Title. I have also bred 7 other Champions. I have bred and handled my dogs to Best In show and Runner up Best in show at specialty level. Also have won the most successful breeder award from the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Qld Inc three times in the last 4 years (2009, 2011 and 2012)

I have bred only a few litters, to try and get something that I want. My dogs are house dogs, so I don’t keep too many, as there isn’t the room. I take my dogs out 3-4 times a week to the beach or the forest for off lead runs, unfortunately I don’t have a motorbike or horse to run them, but have now got a dog walker which helps to keep them fit when we have so much rain, or the girls are in season. I also take them on lead on the pushbike on other days.

I also am only 20 minutes to some of the most loveliest beaches in Australia. And there are quite a few that are off leash dog friendly. My dogs that I have bred have done well in the show ring. I have three BEST IN SHOW SPECIALTY winners and one is also a RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW SPECIALTY winner.

Please contact me with any queries or information, and I will try to help. Please email me marmatia@bigpond.com, alternatively my phone no. is 0409414050